10/02/17 Water Testing of Weiss Lake

07/26/17 Plan "B"

06/06/17 City of Centre Lawsuit

05/08/17 Flesh Eating Bacteria in Weiss Lake

10/24/16  Was It a "Good Start" or the End????

10/4/16    Update on meeting with Corp of Engineers

8/23/16   What's wrong with people?????

4/22/16    Dilapidated Dock Removal

1/12/16    Weiss Lake Floaties!!!

10/26/15  People Really Amaze Me

9/24/15    Isn't That Something (Great Job CRBI)

7/27/15    Weiss Lake Just Kicked to the Curb

7/26/15    WE ARE STRONG

7/5/15      You Bet I'm Damn Mad

6/24/15    Sometimes I feel A Little Guilty

4/12/15    Talking Trash!!!!

3/15/15    Is 2015 just going to be another disappointing year?

10/29/14  So You Don't Like Our Name

8/6/14      A Tale of Two Docks

                   The Every Other Year Migration of "Want To Be's" and Incumbents who want to feed at the public                      Trough!!!!!!

                   TO OUR CRITICS

                   The Word Love Is Not Just Another Four Letter Word!!

                   SAVE THE BAY - The Model for SAVE WEISS LAKE

                   What about PCB's

                    Is Fishing Still King???

11/16/13    Albert Einstein Got It Right!!!!

                    Just an "Old Fart"

9/11/13      Why won't local folks help us?

8/12/13     Don't Blame Us!

7/29/13     A Success Story

7/7/13       "Lets Talk About Silt"

6/23/13     Don't Shoot the Messenger

5/29/13     Why are we different?

5/6/13       Status of the new Save Weiss Lake organization

                    The Truth About PCB’s in Weiss Lake

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