Our Issues:


  1. Easement cleanup - More aggressive action is needed to remove illegal structures in the easement, not passive aggression.
  2. Easement Trash - Aggressive action is needed to remove abandoned RV's, dilapidated shacks, and trash .
  3. Remove Docks - Remove docks and other structures falling into the water. 
  4. Silt Prevention - Require silt fences on new construction, offer incentives to build seawalls. 
  5. Dredge the Lake - A plan is needed to remove the silt build up that has accumulated for years. 
  6. Buyback Program - Buy back easement lots that are in default or are just for sale an return them to a natural state. 
  7. Water Level - Revise the water management plan to maintain higher water levels throughout the year.



  1. Amend Sewer Ordinance - Amend the Sewer Ordinance to included the whole County, especially the rivers and streams that feed into Weiss Lake.
  2. Strong Enforcement of the Sewer Ordinance. Implement an aggressive enforcement of the Sewer Ordinance.
  3. Silt Control - Pass an ordinance that requires silt fences on construction around the lake and rivers and streams.
  4. Stop the flow of silt from County roadways. Implement procedures to stop the erosion of silt from County projects such as causeway maintenance.
  5. Require trash collectors and toilet facilities at all boat ramps.  
  6. Pass an ordinance that requires that all boat ramps have trash collectors and toilet facilities.


  1. Assure County Sewer Ordinance is aggressively implemented.  Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the Sewer Ordinance.
  2. Water Testing - Conduct regular scheduled water quality tests and publish public reports.
  3. Implement plans to correct problems found in water quality testing.
  4. Action against GA to stop the pollution from flowing into the lake from the rivers.  Aggressively monitor the water quality coming into the lake from GA.
  5. Agricultural Runoff - Conduct a study to determine how the lake is being affected by agricultural runoff and develop a solution for problems found.


​Save Weiss Lake is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to one purpose, and that is to heal our beautiful, but sick, Weiss Lake.

Our vision is to restore Weiss Lake to a healthy, clean condition that enhances its economic value, promotes recreational use and improves the quality of life for the residents of Cherokee County by making the lake the most desirable tourist destination in northeast Alabama.

Copyright 2015. Save Weiss Lake Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Our purpose is to do the following: 

          To protect the lake property owners who have invested thousands of dollars for homes and are       paying double the taxes others pay, only to have a lake that continues to deteriorate.

      To protect business owners whose very livelihood depends on the revenues generated by               tourists who visit our lake, and the land owners who choose to invest in Weiss Lake. 

      To protect the health and safety of the families that use Weiss Lake for recreation. 

      To protect the wildlife that make Weiss Lake their home.

Weiss Lake was created by humans and it is slowly but surely being destroyed by them. Meanwhile, the public servants and companies whose duty it is to protect the lake are doing little or nothing to stop the assaults on our lake.

If you care about Weiss Lake you have come to the right place. Save Weiss Lake is an organization that is fighting to change the pitiful conditions of our lake. We will put pressure on the public officials and companies who are responsible for the health of Weiss Lake, so that they will make positive and long lasting improvements to the lake.